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Electrical Safety Tools

Electrical tools are used to work on an electrical system and having the right tools makes all the difference. At Southland, we have the best brand electrical tools you need to get your project done. Our range includes torches, headlamps, radios, speakers, microphones, work lights, and other related electrical accessories. Shop for electrical tools online and save. We offer free shipping on most orders over $550.

When it comes to electrical supplies, Southland Supply Group has you covered. You can shop with us at your convenience for a variety of electrical items. On our website, you can find pretty much everything you need as far as personal protective equipment, tools, and general supplies, cleaning and kitchen supplies, and signage are concerned. We have an impressive selection of tools and supplies for all budgets and preferences; making shopping with us easy and convenient. 

What electrical supplies do my workers need? 

At Southland Supply Group, you can find the following electrical items: 

  • Torches 
  • Headlamps
  • Radios
  • Speakers
  • Microphones
  • Work lights
  • Related electrical accessories 

These products can support a wide range of industries, fulfilling different needs and helping with onsite communication. Understanding the environment you're working in is key to buying the correct types of electrical equipment. Think about potential hazards, how your workers communicate and what electrical items they’ll need to do their jobs effectively. 

Shining a spotlight on our UHF CB Radios

One of our top selling products is our UHF CB Radio. UHF stands for ultra-high frequency and CB citizen band (the class licence to listen to radios over short distances). Our cheap UHF radio is an excellent option for those who need to communicate across a radius of 1 to 10 kilometres with good conditions. Our UHF CB radios are very reliable and have up to 30 hours of battery life. This makes them suitable for use on construction sites, for security purposes, event management and a whole host of other applications. Additionally, our cheap UHF radio makes it a great choice if you're looking to buy in bulk - bringing down the price and ensuring you stay within your budget. 

At Southland Supply Group, we stock different types of radios and general electrical supplies that are affordable and durable.