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Fall Protection & Confined Space Equipment

Working at heights and in confined spaces is some of the most dangerous work that occurs in the workplace or on-site. It is an area that cannot be overlooked or taken lightly, as taking shortcuts and cutting corners can be fatal. Southland has partnered with some leading names in the industry, such as 3M, MSA, LINQ, Honeywell, Spanset, and Beaver, to offer a complete range of fall protection and confined space equipment. We also work with our brand partners to offer onsite training and equipment recommendations to ensure your workforce is using the best equipment for the job.

Why is fall protection equipment essential?

Numerous fall hazards can occur in the workplace, especially on construction sites or where employees are working at height. Not only can this cause minor injuries but it can also amount to lifelong crippling and even fatalities. That's why it is imperative to take adequate precautionary measures when you work at heights. 


What fall protection equipment is right for my workers? 

Our fall protection products are recommended for individuals who work in construction, mining, transportation, utilities, welding, telecommunications, amongst other jobs. Careful consideration of the risks in your working environment is essential to know what types of fall protection are worth the investment.

At Southland, we stock a range of different fall protection equipment such as: 

  • Safety harnesses 
  • Rescue kits 
  • Confined space entry kits 
  • Fall arrest blocks 
  • Equipment belts 
  • Retracting lanyards 
  • Gal wires 
  • Karabiners 
  • Hoists 

But how can these actually make a difference in the workplace? To give you an example we are going to focus on the full body harness which can make a huge difference in the event of a fall. Our full-body harnesses are comfortable yet strong, ensuring maximum comfort but also safeguarding for any worker wearing them. This will ensure your workers can carry out their tasks effectively, without restriction or worry of any fall. 

With years of experience in the PPE industry, we have sourced the best fall protection products which will ensure paramount safety for your workers at height. 

With this in mind, it is essential to look at your working environment and surveying the risks. Once you know the risks, you can choose the products for you safe in the knowledge that they are of the highest quality. 

However, if you're not sure where to start one of our PPE specialists would be more than happy to help. They will not only be able to assess your needs and which fall protection equipment is best, but also advise you on how to stay within your budget.