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Push In Earplugs

Get the best of both worlds — the comfort and protection of a push-in earplug. Southland's range of push in earplugs online innovative, yet simple-to-use design and provide optimal hearing protection level. Our range is available from top brands including 3M and Howard Leight. Shop for push in earplugs online today and save.

Push in earplugs eliminate the hassle of rolling down earplugs for fitting and also reduces the risk of hand-to-ear contamination. The no roll-down design helps earplugs stay clean, even when hands or gloves are dirty.  

Features and Benefits of Push in Earplugs 

  • No roll down required 
  • Ear tip softens with body temperature 
  • Washable and reusable 
  • One size fit most 

Push In Earplugs Fitting Instructions 

  1. Insert tip into ear canal while pulling ear outward & upward with the opposite hand, then adjust it for greatest noise reduction.
  2. Check the fit after inserting earplug
  3. Pull earplug stem gently. Earplug should not come out of the ear easily. If it does, remove earplug & repeat the fitting.
  4. Listen to constant loud noise with earplugs in both ears. Cover ears with tightly cupped hands. Noise should sound almost the same whether or not ears are covered.
  5. Wipe the push in earplugs with a clean cloth when dirty.
  6. Replace the earplugs if they are damaged or when they are no longer soft and pliable.

Who should wear push in earplugs? 

  • Workers who are exposed to harmful noise levels  
  • Sporting event attendees 
  • Anyone exposed to gunfire and/or explosives 
  • Anyone using power tools, lawn equipment, or machinery for home or recreational use 

Southland Supply Group offers a variety of options from different leading brands, all of which are specially made to fit the customer’s ears and so offer maximum comfort and ease of use.