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First Aid Kits

Southland’s range of first aid kits is designed to manage all types of injuries including basic cuts, scrapes, and burns that are often encountered at home, office, and in the workplace. Save yourself money and keep a first aid kit close by. Shop for first aid kits online and save. We offer free shipping on most orders over $550.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, a first aid kit is an essential item to have in your workplace. First aid kits should be readily available within the workplace as they are of great help when you have to deal with minor first aid problems. Of course, your choice of kit will really depend on the nature of your working environment. At Southland, we stock a range of first aid kits to ensure that you will not have any difficulty in finding one that meets your specific requirements. 


How to choose the right first aid kit for you

Like with any other choice of PPE, the first thing to consider is your working environment. Ask yourself what risks your workers could experience, what minor injuries might they need attending to and what preventative measures you can take to reduce serious injury occurring. This should also cover the type of industry you are in, for example, if you are buying for a team of nurses who are often dealing with sharp items and contaminated needles. Finally, take a look at your back catalogue of injuries or workplace accidents, this will indicate the sorts of accidents you'll need to prepare for.

Once you have considered this, you can take a look through our catalogue of:

  • Standard first aid kits 
  • Portable first aid kits 
  • Sharps disposal bins and kits 
  • Burn kits 
  • Mounted wall kits  

In general, first aid kits tend to include band-aids, antiseptic wipes, bandages, gloves and gauze as a minimum. Burn kits also have additional items such as burn dressings, burn gels, cold packs and gauze padding. Having these items to hand whenever an accident happens can really make a difference when it comes to more serious injuries, as you may be able to more readily attend to the injured employee while an ambulance is on the way. What's more, it can also ensure wounds are kept clean and covered until the employee can be attended to by a medical professional. 

Knowing how many and which types of first aid kits can be a confusing process. To help you find the best first aid kit and the amount needed for your working environment one of our experts will be more than happy to help. Simply use our live chat or leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.