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Safety Eyewear Accessories

Enhance your eye protection with these safety eyewear accessories. Our comprehensive range of safety eyewear accessories includes a lens cleaning solution, lens cleaning tissues, neoprene spec strap, fog eliminator, spectacle neck cord that are suitable for safety glasses and goggles.

In many cases, safety glasses are worn for long hours at a time. During use, safety spectacles pick up dust, dirt and smudges. Sometimes, they get worn out or fall apart. To make sure that they last and also provide maximum benefit during their lifetime, it is vital that they are well cared for. One way to do this is by using the appropriate safety eyewear accessories 

Must-Have Safety Eyewear Accessories 

Glasses cleaning cloth – the lenses of safety glasses pick up dirt, splashes, dust, and smudges throughout the day. These can interfere with the wearer’s vision by making objects appear blurry or distorted. A glasses cleaning cloth is an essential accessory for always keeping your lenses clean and clear. A good lens cleaning cloth is made of microfiber material, giving you clean lenses without scratching them or leaving any lint on them. 

Lens cleaning solution – there are times that a microfiber cloth for glasses may not be enough when cleaning dust, dirt, or smudges on your glasses. This can happen in particularly dusty or dirty environments or where substances have splashed on your glasses. Spraying lens cleaning solution on the lenses will help loosen the dirt so that it can be easily wiped off with the cloth. Both Uvex cleaning solutions and Bolle safety lens cleaning solutions are available at Southland. 

Safety glasses case - a case is a storage accessory for eyeglasses that is designed to protect glasses when they are not in use. They have a hard exterior that protects the glasses from impact and a soft lining on the inside that protects the lenses from scratches. If you do not want to find your glasses scratched, crushed, or broken, get a good case to store them when you are not wearing them. 

Anti-Fog cloth or wipes – If you’re tired of foggy safety glasses or having to choose between wearing a face mask & giving up on clear vision, Southland have got you covered. Try the Uvex or Bolle spray solution, made from premium material to prevent fog build-up.  

Keep your safety glasses looking their best and shop for our safety eyewear accessories from all the leading brands. Our range of accessories includes lens cleaning solution, anti-fog cleaning wipes, clear lens cleaning towelettes, replacement shade lenses, spectacle case and more.