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Safety Glasses

Our range of safety glasses are equipped with various modern frames that are light in weight, have stylish look, and comfortable fit with ultimate eye protection. These safety spectacles are most recommended in doing work such as construction, electrical, plumbing, and welding, and other areas where dust and other particles are present. Since injuries in the workplace are common, it is recommended to take precautions by wearing safety spectacles or safety glasses.

Why is Wearing Safety Glasses Important? 

Safety glasses are an important piece of personal protective equipment. In many workplaces, eye protection is required when performing certain tasks such as those involving fine particles, impact hazards, fumes, and other similar dangers. The following are a few reasons why safety glasses are important. 

  • Safety glasses can keep small particles from entering your eyes 
  • Safety glasses help protect the eyes from sparks and flames 
  • Safety glasses can help protect your eyes from chemical splashes 
  • Safety glasses offer UV protection 

When Should You Wear Safety Glasses? 

Protective glasses must be worn any time someone is handling potentially harmful material or chemicals, or when performing a task such as grinding, that may result in flying particles. If in doubt about whether to wear safety glasses, always err on the side of caution. However, in most cases, it is not too hard to assess when glasses should be worn. Below are a few common examples. 

Wear safety glasses when working in laboratories- in the context of a lab, protective glasses must be worn all the time as you will be working with potentially harmful substances and chemicals. Chemicals that are irritating to the skin can have a much more devastating impact on the eyes. 

Use protective glasses when working with tools - When working with most power tools, and some hand tools, safety glasses safety glasses are essential. A lot of commonly used tools generate chips, shavings or shards of material, all of which can cause damage to exposed eyes. 

Safety Glasses when working around the home – When working at home, eye protection is often neglected, and this is not a good thing. Most workplaces clearly stipulate when safety glasses are required, however those same regulations are often not followed when working at home.  

Whether you are mowing the lawn, performing handyman tasks around the home, or even using everyday cleaning chemicals in the bathroom, the potential for harming your eyes at home is real and present, and should be taken seriously.  

Southland Supply Group offers an extensive range of safety glasses, even prescription safety glasses. With a vast range of brands and styles available, as well as different shades and with different anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, you will be able to find the best safety glasses to suit your application.  

Eye injuries are a serious matter. Not only can an eye injury be painful, but if severe enough could cause a permanent loss of vision.  When working with any kind of equipment or chemical that may be hazardous to your eye safety, always remember to wear your safety glasses!