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Safety Goggles

Our range of safety goggles are designed to protect your eyes from flying particles, hazardous chemicals, and sharp projections. These safety goggles are supplied with the best coatings to resist the most demanding conditions. In general, safety goggles provide much better protection from small particles and liquids because they seal against the face. These are available in different brands like Bolle, ProChoice, Uvex, Beaver, and more.

Safety Goggles Explained 

Like safety glasses, safety goggles provide dust, chemical splash, and impact protection. The main advantage goggles have over safety glasses, is they provide a secure shield around the entire eye and protect against hazards coming from any direction. Safety goggles can also be worn over prescription glasses and contact lenses, providing protection from flying objects and chemical splashes. 

There are various types of safety goggles for specialised roles, including welding goggles, laboratory goggles and goggles that are designed to be worn while using power tools. 

Why are Safety Goggles So Important? 

Both safety goggles and safety glasses provide a crucial first line of defense for one of the most vulnerable organs in the body. 

Eye injuries can happen quickly, and the damage can be permanent and life-altering. Protecting your eyes by wearing the correct PPE will also save time, money and stress for both employees and their employers.  

Safety Goggles for Lab Work 

When working in laboratories, the main risk to the eyes is chemicals such as corrosive substances or hazardous chemicals that can be spilled and splashed. Therefore, the best choice of protective eyewear for lab workers is full safety goggles with indirect venting. Indirect venting helps prevent fogging but also provides the best defence against serious splashes.  

Safety Goggles for Woodwork 

When working with timber, dust is the major threat posed to the eyes. Cutting and sanding wood can generate fine particles which at the very least can cause eye irritation, and potentially much worse. Again, this means that full safety goggles are the best choice when working with wood. At a minimum, safety glasses should be worn at all times when working with wood. 

Safety Goggles for Construction 

Construction sites are filled with multiple health and safety risks. The best eye protection for use in a construction site environment is safety goggles or safety glasses that provide reliable protection against smoke, dust particles and bright sunlight. 

Safety Goggles for Cold Weather Conditions 

Safety goggles worn in low temperatures are prone to fogging or misting. It is important to look for safety goggles that have a good anti-fog coating on the lenses when working in low temperatures. 

Safety Goggles for Welding Work 

Welding goggles protect the wearer against the welder's flash. Most welding goggles are designed with shade 3 or shade 5 lenses and are primarily used for torch soldering, brazing, and cutting.  

Vision is the most precious of senses. Protecting the eyes through proper PPE in the workplace is extremely important because damage can be irreversible and permanent.  

Looking for the right safety goggles for your work? Southland has got you covered. Choose from safety goggles, glasses, welding goggles or full-face shields by Bolle Safety, Uvex, ProChoice, Maxisafe and other top brands. Southland’s selection of safety goggles and glasses are available in dozens of colours and styles.