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Safety Boots & Footwear

Safety work boots and footwear are primarily a staple of your workwear wardrobe. They are practical and affordable ways to prevent injury as well as maintain foot health when working in harsh environments. At Southland, our safety boots and footwear are divided into 4 safety footwear styles including lace-up, elastic-sided, slip-on, and gumboots.

Why is safety footwear important?

Wearing proper footwear at work is essential to prevent or reduce injuries. Of course, there is the immediate risk of injuring the foot itself, but also slippage can cause higher risk injuries too. That's why, as an employer, it's important to promote safety footwear that is comfortable and protective for your employees. At Southland Supply Group, we stock a large range of safety footwear to suit most environments. 


What sort of safety footwear is best for my requirements 

Finding the right safety footwear involves an assessment of your working conditions. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I working with heavy objects that could fall or roll onto my feet?
  • Are there any corrosive or poisonous materials?
  • Are there sharp objects?
  • Are there any hot  or slippery surfaces?

Or perhaps you work in a particular industry in which safety footwear is essential such as construction, manufacturing, hot metals, welding, food production or manufacturing. For example, in the construction industry, there is a high risk of falling heavy objects. In hot metal industries, employees need heat-resistant soles.


What sort of work shoes do you have on offer?

We stock a large range of different work footwear to suit different needs. Here are just some of the styles we have on offer:

  • Gumboots 
  • Security work boots 
  • Slip-on safety shoes 
  • Safety lace-up shoes 

Each style has its own safety features and uses different materials to provide adequate foot safety. For example, security work boots may feature padded collars and tongues, nitrile rubber soles and composite toe caps. This combination of materials ensures maximum comfort for the wearer, whilst also maintaining robust protection from heavy objects and anti-corrosivity too.