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Respiratory Protection

If you work in an environment where you need protection from hazardous particles or gas, or where oxygen levels are compromised, you need a respiratory device. Southland’s respiratory range covers everything from basic disposable masks to specialised powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) and self-rescuers. Southland have partnered with some leading names in the industry, such as 3M, MSA, ProChoice, Maxisafe, Uvex, Cleanspace and Sundstrom, to offer a complete range of respiratory equipment. We also work with our brand partners to offer onsite training and equipment recommendations to ensure your workforce is using the best equipment for the job.

How to Use Respiratory Protection Properly

Respiratory safety needs is a focus among numerous employers due to the growing awareness of respiratory risks. Numerous construction workers are exposed to silica-containing materials as well as individuals that work in brick manufacturing, foundries and hydraulic fracturing. Respiratory protection is imperative for these types of workers. At Southland, we put at your disposal effective respiratory protection technology that enables you to keep your workers safe. 

How to Choose Adequate Respiratory Protection 

The most common hazards that affect our respiratory system are silica, asbestos, wood dust, solvents, welding and metal fumes. When you shop for respiratory PPE equipment for your employees you have to consider which of these hazards they are exposed to. This will help you identify suitable PPE such as 3m respirator, half-face particulate respirator, p2 mask and other types of equipment that provides adequate protection. At Southland, we offer all of these types of respiratory protection in various styles, materials and sizes. 

With us, you will find a disposable 3 m respirator that is lightweight, easy to use and to maintain and that is designed to keep you safe from respiratory hazards. We also have reusable respirators such as the reusable P2 mask that are adjustable and available in different sizes. This PPE equipment provides adequate protection against particulates and vapours and it can be cleaned and sanitized easily. Our respirators can protect you from inhaling dangerous particles provided they are cleaned and used properly. 

Respiratory protection devices such as a washable respirator, reusable P2 mask and others perform their best when the following conditions are met:

  • You use the correct respirator for the existing hazard. 
  • The respirator is available when you need it. 
  • You know when and how to put it on. 
  • You have stored it and used it properly. 


What Are the Main Types of Respirators?

We do our best to offer our customers different types of respirators such as:

  • Elastomeric respirators that are half face or full face and that are designed to filter particles or gases and vapours. 
  • Filtering facepiece respirators. 
  • Purifying respirators. 

Each of the PPE we offer has limitations and restrictions of use and testing is recommended to ensure that the chosen PPE is fit for the purpose. We are well aware of the fact that selecting proper respiratory protection can be a challenge given the fact that you have so many options. For this reason, at Southland, we offer our customers the support they need so that they find the proper equipment for their specific needs. You should protect yourself when you work in conditions that pose a danger to your health and our priority is to help you do that at a minimum cost. We take pride in our high-quality and accessible respiratory equipment and we are here to help you select the most suitable respirator for your needs.