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Electronic Earmuffs

In the defense against hazardous noise exposures, electronic earmuffs are a valuable weapon in the overall hearing protection. Southland offers a range of electronic earmuffs that are designed for preventing hearing loss but for streamlining communication as well. Shop for electronic earmuffs today and save.

Electronic Earmuffs Explained 

Electronic earmuffs not only help in reducing hazardous noise but also offer an impressive array of options for specialised applications. 

A hearing protection device that enables communication and protection simultaneously can be critical in high noise applications. Most electronic earmuffs feature noise-level-dependent attenuation technology, which means that warnings and instructions can audibly be received. Harmful noise is damped to a level less than 82 dB to protect hearing. Warning signals, discussions and process sounds are easily perceptible, and communication over great distances in conjunction with mobile phones and radio devices is disruption-free.  

Electronic earmuffs also offer additional functions such as volume regulation of functions, balance control, equaliser and volume control for external input signals. 

Furthermore, electronic earmuffs deliver both passive and uniform attenuation. This means that they can block low and medium frequencies while allowing higher frequencies (voice, signals, and alarms) to be heard more clearly. This may provide the ability to maintain better situational awareness in intermittent and impact noise environments. 

Electronic earmuffs are also growing in popularity with hunters. They allow hunters to enhance their hearing in the field, which is helpful for detecting approaching game, while still protecting their hearing when pulling the trigger 

Advantages of Electronic Earmuffs 

  • Great for high noise working environments where detailed communication is still required. 
  • Allows communication by radio or mobile phone. 
  • Built-in conversational electronics for use when work is monotonous. 
  • Environmental noises are heard but noise pulses are automatically blocked off. 
  • Increases in productivity and motivation of employees. 

Disadvantages of Electronic Earmuffs 

  • More expensive than traditional earmuffs. 
  • Higher weight. 
  • Higher temperatures under the shell. 

How to evaluate suppliers and manufacturers of electronic earmuffs? 

When choosing your hearing protection, consider: 

  • Established brands with a good reputation. 
  • Recommendations from within your network. 
  • Does the supplier provide equipment with the correct markings that meet Standards? 
  • Are they certified to all relevant standards? 
  • Do they come with informative leaflets showing how to use the product properly and safely? 
  • Are the products covered by a warranty? 
  • Restrictions and warnings for use and wear on the supplier’s products. 

Electronic earmuffs are by far one of the most versatile forms of hearing protection, with specific features for industry workers, hunters and shooters, and even DIY workers.  

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