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Safety Signs

Safety signs are an essential part of any business. Safety signs can be installed pretty much anywhere and can contain any message that your business requires in order to keep your employees as safe as possible within the workplace. Regardless of the industry your business operates within, Southland offers a range of informational and safety signs such as danger signs, warning signs, caution signs, notice signs, braille signs, and much more. Shop online today and save. We offer free delivery on most orders over $550.

What are the advantages of using signage?

Signage helps improve safety in a variety of environments, to make people aware of the existence of  potential risks & hazards, and communicate key issues to those with impairments (braille signs). Such signs are a must-have for preventing dangerous situations and ensuring ultimate safety for anyone within your working environment. Regardless of the types of safety signs you need for your company, you’ll be able to find them at Southland Supply Group.  


Why do you need proper signage in the workplace?

We've summarised some of the key reasons why you might need signage in the workplace:

  • Safety signs decrease the number of accidents at work.
  • High visibility signs increase awareness.
  • Signs highlight essential information and contribute to creating a safe work environment. 

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why signage is a necessity, not only for employees and employers, but for community member also.

At Southland Supply Group, we stock a wide selection of safety signs for all sorts of hazards. These include: 

  • Danger signs, which indicate an immediate hazard 
  • Warning signs
  • Caution signs 
  • Notice signs
  • Braille signs

The signs you choose should have appropriate messaging to suit your needs. They should be visible and easy to read and they should be placed in suitable locations where they receive attention.