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Returns, Exchanges & Refunds

  1. Returns and exchanges must be authorised by your Southland Supply Group Branch and are subject to the following conditions:
    1. Returns of stocked items that are incorrectly ordered may be accepted within 7 days from date of delivery.
    2. Returns of non-stocked items (special orders) that are incorrectly ordered may not be accepted. This will be at the discretion of your Southland Supply Group Branch.
    3. Proof of purchase must be provided.
    4. Returned products may incur freight charges and/or re-stocking fees.
    5. Returned products must be of merchantable quality with original packaging, unless the issue relates to faulty product or the product is under warranty.
    6. Returned products may be subject to manufacturer’s warranty conditions. For information and conditions about guarantees and warranties please contact your Southland Supply Group Branch.
  2. Should you have a major problem with a product, you may be entitled to a replacement or refund as follows:
    1. Replacement products will be of an identical type to the product originally supplied, subject to availability.
    2. Refunds will be the same amount you have already paid, provided in the same form as your original payment.
    3. We may take into account how much time has passed since you bought the product considering the following factors; type of product, how you are likely to use the product, the length of time for which it is reasonable for the product to be used and the amount of use it could reasonably be expected to tolerate before the failure becomes noticeable.